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A long time ago, in a city far far away…

The four of us, accompanied by our good friend and documentarian @savagethewild, embarked on a journey to Orlando: the Land of the Wooly Bushmen. There, we spent a week drinking way too much beer and laying down the tracks to this, our first album. It’s taken a while to get it all done, but here we are, it’s in our hands, it’s available online, and now, our friends, it is time to pour it into your ears.


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We are the peculiars


Based out of Statesville, NC, formed in the summer of 2017, The Peculiars have already made a name for themselves in their hometown's local music scene, and are preparing to record their debut album.


Vocals, Guitar / Adam Perry
Lead Guitar / Matt Moder
Bass / Rob McCrady
Drums / Ross Josey



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