Hello world

Building a thing

It's always weird starting something new.  When Adam moved back to Statesville last summer, he had the idea for this thing ready to go in his head, and already had a short list of who he wanted to work with.  Happily, he got all of his first-round draft picks, and The Peculiars was born.  We're pretty excited.

We don't want to be just another bar band, so our shows consist almost exclusively of our original music.  (OK, we've introduced one cover, but that's all we'll ever do in a single evening.)  So far, we're pleasantly surprised at how quickly we four started to gel, and the sound is beyond anything we'd initially imagined.

So far, we've played a handful of shows here in our hometown of Statesville, and we've been pretty well received.  Our current focus is on getting ready to record, which we'll be doing at the end of February.  Stay tuned for news about that, we're really looking forward to getting something to share with the world.