They’re four guys from small town North Carolina, and they want to be your new favorite band. They are The Peculiars.

Short form Bio: 
In 2017 four rockers in rural North Carolina combined their individual tastes and talents to become the Rock & Roll Captain Planet of their local music scene.  Now, their debut album is out and they’re ready to be your new favorite band.  They are The Peculiars.

Goodnight, Goodbye, The Peculiars Vol.1 is available on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon now.

Long form Bio:
The Peculiars began in 2017 as an idea in the mind of singer-songwriter Adam Perry. Having released a mostly acoustic album of songs a year earlier, he wanted to do something bigger.  He imagined something a little harder edged, bombastic, something out of the ordinary.

In the spring and summer of that year, Adam invited some friends to form the band that would realize this vision.  Ross Josey, front man of punk mainstays Vanguard and The Beatdowns, took on drums.  Longtime friend Matt Mode (Moder) of regional act Boo Low came in for lead guitar. Canadian transplant Rob McCrady, formerly of Celtic rock band Enter the Haggis, tied up the low end on bass guitar.  This combination of Adam’s introspective writing and raw vocal style, Ross’ no-nonsense punk sensibilities, Matt’s huge “drive it like you stole it” lead guitar lines, and Rob’s heavy and implacable bass work turned out to be alchemy. The result is hard driving rock, with hooks big enough to catch sharks.

Even after a single practice, the four knew they had something that people would want to hear.  Their first show, on September of 2017, packed their home-base bar to capacity and was extremely well received.  In February 2018 the guys traveled to Orlando, Florida and recorded the tracks that would become their debut album. The remainder of that year was spent writing, performing, and stressing through post production. That album is finally in hand, and being released to the world.  Look it up, give it a listen. The Peculiars may just become your new favorite band.

Goodnight, Goodbye, The Peculiars Vol.1 is available on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon now.


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